Your Own Space

You’ll have access to your own Portal where you’ll be able to access all of the videos, worksheets and forums to help you along the way (once registered, the first course will show up June 2nd, 2017).

Cost Efficient

Each seminar is modeled to fit the needs of motivated individuals interested in enhancing their knowledge in travel and entrepreneurialism. The three options are designed to cater to both the budget traveler and the student, who is eager to develop their skills into a career they’ll love.

Communicate with Cassie

With the “The Seeker” and “The Entrepreneur” options, you’ll have access to communicate with Cassie via LIVE Facebook sessions on your forum. Each week, we’ll discuss different topics pertaining to your course and weekly objectives.

 Expedition 196 Sponsorship Fund

Cassie is donating $2,500 (minimum) to prospective student projects once the Expedition 196 “The Entrepreneur” 3-month seminar is completed. She is eager to fund passion projects that she thinks will make a big difference in our world, that address one of the UNSDG‘s as well as involve travel. Offer available only to students who complete “The Entrepreneur” seminar. This fund is one that will continue through the non-profit that Cassie is currently developing which is expected to launch in mid-2017. The goal is to continue to fund passion projects that address at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and travel. More on this in the coming months.

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