Online Seminar “Expedition 196 Entrepreneur”

The ‘Expedition 196 Entrepreneur’ is a series of three online seminars developed by Cassie De Pecol designed to provide information regarding travel and starting a passion project within the realm of Entrepreneurialism.

The three seminar options are; ‘The Entrepreneur’, ‘The Explorer’, and ‘The Seeker’. All options are 100% virtual, with course videos and materials being located within your portal on this website once registered, as well as on Facebook, through private groups dedicated to each seminar.

Each course and LIVE class (“The Seeker”), will be launched on each Friday of the week starting June 2nd, 2017 until August 25th, 2017. Once registered, the materials will be made available to the student so that in case the student misses that class, they have the opportunity to simply log into their portal (or Facebook group) to access the videos and/or materials.

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Travel Knowledge

Each seminar option caters to everyone from the budget traveler to the luxury traveler wanting to pursue their passions in travel

“The Entrepreneur” 3 month intensive seminar is designed to educate students on the business of travel entrepreneurialism and provides selective candidates the opportunity to receive funding out of a pool of $2,500 that Expedition 196, LLC. will be donating as their first sponsor for their passion project based on their final project proposal which will be reviewed by Cassie at the end of the 3-month intensive.

“The Explorer” class-by-class intensive seminar is designed to cater to students who would like a more lenient approach to learning, going at their own pace and choosing classes that best suit their interests. While students who register for “The Explorer” option don’t have the opportunity to receive sponsorship from Expedition 196, LLC., they do have the opportunity to join a private Facebook group for each class they register for, allowing them to connect with Cassie and other students who have signed up for that specific class.

“The Seeker” class-by-class LIVE option is designed for the budget traveler or student who has plenty of questions regarding taking off on their own expedition or trip abroad, and wants to gain valuable knowledge within that realm. The LIVE view will be every Friday starting June 2nd at 17:00 EST, which is suitable for those on PST and Australian time zones as well. However, if a student misses the LIVE viewing that week, they can always enter the private group that they have access to once registered, where for up to 7 days, they can review the LIVE video and comments/answers in the comment section and on the page.

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Personal User Profiles

Registering for one of the ‘Expedition 196 Entrepreneur’ seminar options could not be any easier with this simple user-friendly option found above.  

Simply click “Register” and either fill in your details in the boxes provided or use your Facebook to register. Once your registration is complete, you’ll be able to easily keep track of your seminar and courses that you’ve taken.

This is your personal ‘Portal’ that you’ll have access to until August 31st, 2017 if you’ve registered for either “The Entrepreneur” or “The Explorer” seminar. For those who have registered for “The Seeker” seminar, you’ll be provided access to the private Facebook group where Cassie will hold her LIVE sessions.

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Built-in Media Player

For “The Entrepreneur” and “The Explorer” options, once registered, you’ll have access to weekly pre-recorded videos that will be accessible in your Portal. For “The Explorer” option, once you purchase a course, you’ll have access to the pre-recorded videos and course materials.

News videos and course materials will be released on the website every Friday starting June 2nd, 2017. If you’re not already subscribed, you can do so down below to receive updates as to the details of when each new course is uploaded to the site.

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About Cassie De Pecol

Cassie De Pecol, at just 27 years old, is an expert in the travel field, with having traveled to over 195 countries in just 18 months, including having worked and lived across 6 continents and 25 countries before the age of 24. A passionate world traveler and entrepreneur, Cassie started Expedition 196, LLC. back in 2014 which required her to obtain funding through sponsors and investors in order to travel to the 193 countries (and counting).

From budget travel to traveling for a cause to starting your own passion project in the travel field, Cassie wants to help you realize your potential in travel!

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